that all may be one

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We are Christian women consecrated to God by the evangelical vows in a non‐ canonical, ecumenical community. We strive to realize the prayer of Jesus, “…that all may be one.” Committed through Baptism to this Gospel mandate, we fulfill our mission to build community both locally and globally.



Our Mission


The Mission of Sisters For Christian Community is to birth a new understanding of the reign of God.

Our Vision


We envision building a global community where all will be one, and where openness to the Spirit empowers us to search new and challenging horizons. We seek to live passionately the Gospel Values of love, reverence, forgiveness, nonviolence, equality, diversity, integrity and care for creation. 

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     SFCC Message

In this time of spreading fear and despair in many parts of the world, SFCC encourages all people, near and far to live a life of  hope and light. The SFCC vision of listening, loving and serving is an ever current, necessary message for the world as it journeys through the  year 2021 with its many challenges.​​

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            International Assembly 2021
                  50th/Golden  Jubilee

               Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Holiday Inn Airport and KCI Expo center
                     July 12-17, 2021

Contemporary reflections by
Magdalena Bennasar, SFCC
Margaret Gonsalves, SFCC

Rosa Ocampo, SFCC
Fran Smith, SFCC

Rita Yeasted, SFCC